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Venetian Plasters

See, touch and adore the dazzling beauty you can create with our custom family of Venetian Plasters.

Lustre FX® takes inspiration from the traditional craftsmanship of centuries past and brings it bang up to date with passion and innovation. Made with aged slaked lime and crushed Carrara marble, our plasters can be rendered smooth and highly polished as stone, or earthy and textured to achieve any result you want.



Lustre FX® blends luminous metal powders with our proprietary binders to give you the perfect mix for either spray or hand trowel application.

Our family of metal coatings can be used to create exquisite, highly polished surfaces and highly textured patterns. The palette of metals can be combined to create new hues and customised colours. Your possibilities are endless.

The binders provide seamless integration and added strength, allowing the substrate to be treated as if it were solid metal. They are water-based and so provide excellent VOC and anti-microbial properties. Lustre FX® metal coatings are the choice for every artisan.



Our Lustre Crete family is a versatile alternative to solid concrete. The design possibilities are infinite with variations of patterns, textures and tints. Be seduced by the subtle forty-nine shades of grey in our raw and tactile concretes.

Lustre FX® Concrete Blends embody the durability, resilience and strength of traditional concrete, and bring it bang up to date with passion and innovation.



Designed to be used in conjunction with the metals.

Bring out the strong elemental colours of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with our Lustre FX® range of powerful patinas. Mimic the natural ageing process fast, rewarding you with instant results instead of waiting years.

Be a patina wizard – you can artistically combine different patinas. Enhance their depth and colour when you create your own alchemy to make finishes that are uniquely yours. Our patinas add layers of authenticity to whatever finish you desire. Trust our products and embrace your inner artisan.


Primers & Topcoats

All of our sealers can be applied to any of our finishes. The sealers work a treat to enhance colour on concrete benchtops, walls and floors.

Sealers are available in matt and gloss options and resist abrasion, weathering and heavy traffic. Like all of our products they invite creativity – you can mix them to create your own unique satin finish.

We also make penetrating sealers that provide deeper protection against wear, damage and stains and make cleaning easier.



We offer a range of special tools to help you apply different finishes and achieve eye-popping surfaces that are as unique as your artisan vision.

Our accessories cover all kinds of applicators, including stainless and plastic trowels, creative rollers with dazzling patterns, texture pads, brushes and sea sponges. And to learn the secrets of the masters, check out our Alchemy Academy for workshops and classes that show you exactly how to make best use of these tools.



It’s really up to you when it comes to how much texture and depth our products will give you. How much texture is often in the application. Whether it’s light, medium, or rough, talk to us for the best ways to achieve it.

Adding your personal touch

We have a range of tools and accessories designed to work specifically with our products, to give you that extra level of creative freedom and experimentation.
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100% Australian made

All our lovingly hand-crafted, small batch alternative coatings are 100% Australian-made. You can trust that the family company behind Lustre FX considers everything that goes into our finishes, plasters, concretes, patinas and sealers.

Just like you, we’re firmly based in Australia, and we’re proud of every product we send out. We’ve designed them from the ground up, so we know our patented solutions will outlast the competition.

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