Whoever you
are there's
a Lustre FX®
product for you

Lustre FX® provides products and services that suit everyone from professionals like architects, designers, builders and applicators to D.I.Y homeowners, renovators and creatives. The aim of our products is to ignite the creative within. Dream. Create. Play.

For Architects + 

Interior Designers

You are looking for surface applications that are unique, customised and creative. We can introduce you to new products and processes, solve problems or work to your brief for a truly one-off look.

For Applicators

We want to make your life easier. Happy to teach you new skills through courses at our Alchemy Academy. Sign up to hear about new products. We can help add another string to your bow.

Alchemy Academy

For Homeowners
+ Renovators

When you’re over just opening a can of paint, come to us. We can introduce you to options that will expand your vision and wow your friends. Go beyond the beige and standard finishes and discover your inner artisan. Be taught how to execute your favourite Instagram pics or those finishes pinned to your favourite board.

For Builders

We’re here to help you solve design and finishes problems. We can provide product specs and safety sheets, as well as specific application info for estimating time and materials. Get in touch and we’ll take a load off your shoulders.

For Creatives

We’re always keen to hear from people who share our dreams and values. Whether you are a sculptor, artist, creator, cabinet maker, set designer or all round inquisitor – with our innovation let us inspire you to bring your sketches to life.


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