Private Residence
Chifley, Canberra

Lustre FX was commissioned to apply a variety of finishes to bespoke cabinetry, furniture items, bathroom bench-tops, hallway columns and the front door of the home.

Products used

Phat FX Metal Binder with Heavy Metal iron, was used for the majority of finishes throughout this home.

A very heavy textural finish was desired, so Phat FX was the perfect choice as it was trowelled onto surfaces. The bathroom bench tops were finished in Beautiful Beast, and laundry doors and cabinetry with our Flex FX sprayable metal.

The main front door to the home was oversized and we created custom iron rivets and a deep layering effect was achieved using both Flex FX and Phat FX. Many of the surfaces were then finished with a soft black wax rub.

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