Lustre FX® produces outstanding alternative coatings to make the world around you a more beautiful place.

We’re passionate about creativity and innovation, inspiring you to explore the magical world of surface alchemy. Play with our hand crafted, small batch products, disrupt the beige supremacy and unleash your inner artisan.

Our creative origins

Eddie the Alchemist was born with a love of pottery, painting, picture framing, ceramics, set design and fashion. He’s always been elbow deep in one creative project or another. Ed began creating his own patinas and metal finishes and the idea for Lustre FX was born. He added concrete finishes next and then son Trent got more involved, expanding the business into building. Later, Ed met Luigi the Lumineri, master of plaster. Over glasses of red wine and buckets of plaster, the two artisans combined their alchemy in the Lustre FX plaster family. Now Ed represents the worldly wisdom of all things alternative coatings (hence his nickname Yoda) and the whole family work at Lustre FX to help make the world a more beautiful place.

The Lustre FX® team

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